Shopping Help
This service is designed for those of you who have very hectic schedules and just can't seem to find the time to get the shopping in or those who are incapacitated and so are unable to get out and do the shopping yourselves. Whichever you may be we are here to lend a helping hand.

Your shopping can be completed during you regular cleaning hours or can be requested independently. A shopping list which we will provide must be completed in advance specifying items required, shop preference, price and quantity.

If you would like the shopping to be done during a regular cleaning slot and you are not at home, a completed shopping list and the value of the shopping list should be left for the cleaner to collect. They will complete your shopping, put the fridge items away and leave the receipt and any change at your home. This is only possible if shops are in the vicinity of your home and the shopping can be completed in your allocated time slot.

Alternatively if you would like to request the service independently we will forward you a shopping list to complete which will be collected from you at home by one of our friendly dedicated shoppers on the day of the shop along with the value of the shopping list. They will endeavour to get everything on your list and will drop the shopping to your premises as soon as they are finished.

Our rates for our shopping help service vary depending on the number of shops we need to visit, the distance from your home and each other and the quantity of shopping required. Contact us now and upon providing us with the required information we can prepare a FREE quote.
Remember many hands make light work so let us give you a hand so you can save some time!!!